A quick lunchtime ride

I’ve not cycled anywhere near as much as I intended to this year, an irony not lost on me having started a blog with ‘cycling’ in the title. But today was unseasonably warm, with bright sun and blue skies and it was an ideal moment to make amends. I was working from home, and as lunchtime approached the little cyclist in my head kept nagging me to pop out. I only had half and hour but as the great Eddie Merckx allegedly once said, ‘Ride as much or as little or as long or as short as you feel. But ride!’

So, focusing on the words ‘little’ and ‘short’, I grabbed my bike, left the house and started riding before getting any silly ideas into my head about a ‘proper’ ride. I even committed the cardinal sin of not recording it on my Strava app- it wasn’t training, or exercise. It was just fun.

It’s actually been a month since I last went out. I’ve walked a lot in that time but haven’t felt the urge to get on the bike. I’m always happiest when I’m outside, and recently I’ve relished the quiet of walking lost in my thoughts. I don’t think on a bike in the same way. But within a couple of minutes I was happily speeding along, dodging the potholes and heading into the countryside.

Riding down a quiet country lane is one of life’s joys and I regretted (a little) not spending more time on the bike over the summer. It was good to feel the breeze in my face and to be turning my legs again. I stopped in a field gateway, watched the birds, looked at the hills and enjoyed the quiet. The trees are all well into their autumn colours too and well worth gazing at for a few minutes.

I headed home happy that I’d listened to my inner cyclist. I was refreshed, and so pleased I’d got outside, and out of town, at lunchtime. I was only out for half an hour but Merckx would be happy because at least I did ride!


4 thoughts on “A quick lunchtime ride

  1. Always best to do things on the spur of the moment! Nice post.

    A keen cycle friend of mine once chose not to go out because the Syrava app wasn’t charged up – bah


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