A Quiet Life #4: the lemon tree

In a pot in the garden is a small lemon tree. It's about 70cm tall, covered in fierce thorns and, at this time of year, is looking a little dishevelled after a winter spent outside in a climate it's not suited to. About five years old, it is the sole survivor of school holiday project … Continue reading A Quiet Life #4: the lemon tree


The ‘Purton Hulks’: a ship graveyard on the Severn Estuary, Gloucestershire

It's been quite a while since I last posted anything here, not for lack of stories or things to say, but rather one of the mental space to do so. In fact, I'm writing a lot at the moment, finishing up a big project at work – a Viking-Age hoard of coins and silver objects … Continue reading The ‘Purton Hulks’: a ship graveyard on the Severn Estuary, Gloucestershire

Poets’ Walk, Clevedon, North Somerset

At the southern end of the North Somerset town of Clevedon, a small promontory juts out into the Severn Estuary, bounded by steep cliffs on each water-facing side. Around the edge of this is Poets' Walk, a short, popular route named after two poets who visited Clevedon, Alfred Tennyson and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Another poet, … Continue reading Poets’ Walk, Clevedon, North Somerset

Great Witcombe Roman villa, Gloucestershire

Nestled at the foot of the Cotswold hills in Gloucestershire, just as they begin to rise up and woods cover the landscape, lies the Roman villa at Great Witcombe, built in the second century AD with additions continuing on-and-off until the fourth. I'd walked up from the village, following the footpath along the field edges, … Continue reading Great Witcombe Roman villa, Gloucestershire